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Carbon Fiber Stitching Dog Accessory Kit (D-I-Y)

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Cutting Concrete Slab

For typical floor and slab concrete crack repair, filling the crack with Emecole 555 Hybrid Urethane will typically ensure a proper and strong repair. For actively moving or expanding cracks, the additional reinforcement of Carbon Fiber Stitching Dogs by Emecole is necessary to prevent further slab movement and re-cracking (or the formation of new cracks surrounding the original crack).

Emecole's single-tow Stitching Dogs are pultruded carbon fiber reinforced polymer rods designed specifically for providing the necessary structural reinforcement. Stitching Dogs are inserted into grooves cut into the concrete surface, and bonded with Emecole 555 Hybrid Urethane. Each single-tow Stitching Dog adds up to 1300psi tensile strength.

The Carbon Fiber Stitching Dog Accessory Kit includes the needed components for installation.

Included Components:

  • Eighteen 1/8" x 11" Single-Tow Carbon Fiber Stitching Dogs
  • Emecole 555 Hybrid Urethane - Choice of three single tubes or 1 dual tube set.
      • Single Tubes - for use with standard caulk gun (gun not included)
      • Dual Tube Sets - for use with an Emecole dual injection gun (gun not included)
  • Slab Crack Repair3/16" x 48 Mixers and Retaining Nut
  • Dispensing Needle Tips
  • Cross-over Restrictors

Also included are written instructions, product data sheets and SDS documentation.

Important Note - The Emecole 555 material included with this kit is designated for the bonding of Stitching Dogs into their respective grooves. For the filling of cracks, which may be done in-conjunction with the installation of Stitching Dogs, we recommend Emecole's Slab Crack Repair Kits, which includes Emecole 555 and the needed accessories for properly filling the crack. For contractors purchasing in bulk, Emecole 555 and the necessary dispensing accessories are available for individual purchase.

*To ensure optimum material performance, each Emecole 555 cartridge should be shaken approximately 4 to 6 minutes just before use.

Product Data Sheet: