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Carbon Fiber Reinforcement - 30 Staple Crack Repair Kit for D-I-Y

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Structural Basement Wall Repair

This Carbon Fiber Reinforcement - 30 Staple Crack Repair Kit includes the needed components to properly install Carbon Fiber Staples -- enough to cover approximately 45 feet of crack.

In most circumstances, low-pressure injection is enough to properly repair cracks in poured foundations. Structural cracks, however, require the additional reinforcement provided by Emecole's Carbon Fiber Staples. By cross-stitching the staples along the face of the crack, the stress load is distributed away from the damaged area, preventing further structural damage or re-cracking down the line. Carbon Fiber Staples are fused to the foundation wall via Emecole 4121 Epoxy.

Filling of the crack via low-pressure injection may be accomplished with an Emecole 30 ft. Foundation Crack Repair Kit with Epoxy, which includes Emecole 121 Premium Epoxy.

Included Components:

  • 30 Carbon Fiber Staples
  • Two dual tube sets Emecole 4121 Epoxy -use with an Emecole dual injection gun (gun not included)
  • 6 Green Turbo Mixers and 2 Nut
  • Safety Glasses
  • Countersunk Staple - Foundation RepairGloves
  • 2 Plastic Trowel/Putty Knife

Dimensions of a Carbon Fiber Staple:

  • Staple Length: 12"
  • Staple Ends (Legs): 5/8"
  • Staple Width: 3/8"

Additional Information: