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Water Commander Back-up Sump Pump

Water Commander Backup Pump

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The Water Commander Backup Pump requires no battery or electricity since it runs off of water pressure. Worrying about loss of power and battery levels can now be a thing of the past for homeowners.

The immediate advantage is that the Water Commander Backup Pump will operate as needed, at full power, for an unlimited amount of time. With the elimination of the battery, virtually zero maintenance is necessary.  

Water Commander Video

Water Commander Float SwitchThe Water Commander Backup Pump uses the home’s city water pressure as its source of energy. It can remove up to 1800 gallons-per-hour when connected to a 3/4” water supply line, or up to 2830 gallons-per-hour with a 1” water supply line. The Water Commander requires 40 to 125 PSI house water pressure (for areas of the country with higher pressure, a pressure reducing valve may be used).

We recommend that the Water Commander Backup Pump be used with its own discharge pipe. When sharing with a primary sump pump, the increased pressure on existing check valve may cause the flange to eventually go bad.  The discharge pipe should also have two or more 90 degree fittings, four of which are included with each Water Commander unit.  

The Water Commander’s suction is so powerful that it will operate from any position or orientation.  The Water Commander truly is a worry-free sump pump. Its ability to automatically operate when needed eliminates the mad dash home or worry when away or extended periods of time.

City Water Pressure
40 PSI
50 PSI
60 PSI
70 PSI
80 PSI
Model MG 22
809 GPH
1,067 GPH
1,324 GPH
1,562 GPH
1,843 GPH
Model MG 36
1,320 GPH
1,740 GPH
2,160 GPH
2,430 GPH
2,700 GPH

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