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Power Grid Stitch Kit (10 Pack)

Carbon Fiber Stitch Dog Kit

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Concrete floors and slabs subject to excess ground movement can be problematic when attempting to repair any associated cracks. Such movement may potentially cause previously repaired cracks to re-open.

Four-Tow Stitch Dogs for Permanent Concrete Crack Repair

The Power Grid Stitch Kit provides a permanent repair solution for such scenarios. The Power Grid Stitch Kit features four-tow strength Stitch Dogs. These pre-impregnated, bidirectional carbon fiber Stitch Dogs are designed for the stitching and strengthening of cracks in concrete floors and slabs subject to excess movement. The high tensile strength provided by the four-tow carbon fiber Stitch Dogs, when installed across the face of the crack, distributes load away from the repaired area to ensure that cracks do not re-open.

Also included with the Power Grid Stitch Kit is one dual cartridge of Fortress 4000 Epoxy Adhesive. This specially formulated structural epoxy is designed for the bonding of Stitch Dogs to the repaired concrete surface area. Fortress 4000 Epoxy Adhesive, packaged in 150/300 sized dual cartridges is dispensed using Emecole Metro's Jake 300 Spring Loaded Dispensing Gun (sold separately). The kit includes a turbo static mixer (for proper mixing and dispensing of Fortress 4000), a plastic trowel and safety gloves.

Prior to using the Power Grid Stitch Kit, contractors should first complete the repair of the concrete floor and slab cracks using Emecole Metro’s 555 Hybrid Polyurethane (available individually or as part of our conveniently packaged Slab Crack Repair Kits). 555 Hybrid Polyurethane penetrates deep into cracks and cures within minutes to provide a repaired crack. The added use of the Power Grid Stitch ensures a permanent repair.

Kit Components:

  • Ten (10) individual four-tow carbon fiber Stitch Dogs
  • One (1) dual cartridge of 4000 Epoxy Adhesive
  • One (1) static mixer
  • One (1) plastic trowel
  • Safety gloves