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Mixers - Foundation Repair

Emecole Crack Injection Mixing Nozzles

Emecole Metro Mixers are engineered to properly combine and mix materials in the nozzle upon dispensing.  The mixers combine two-part materials and spin them a specific number of times to ensure optimum chemical performance.  Emecole Metro Mixers are secured to tube sets by retaining nuts (nuts available separately).

Each Mixer is sized specifically and must be used with its intended injection material or surface sealer. Using the wrong mixer may prevent the proper dispensing of material from the cartridge. To determine which mixer you need, please refer to our Foundation Crack Repair Mixers Selection Guide.

Mixers are attached and locked to its intended cartridge via Retaining Nuts.


1/4" x 24 Mixer


1/4" x 32 Mixer


3/8" x 24 Mixer


3/8" x 30 Mixer


1/2" x 24 Mixer

Crack Injection Turbo Mixer

9 Pitch Turbo Mixer


1/2" Green Turbo Mixer