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High Pressure Injection Tools and Accessories

Grease Gun Foundation Crack Repair

Grease Gun

  • Standard duty grease gun for high pressure injection of Emecole's polyurethane foams.
  • Uses a standard 14 oz. grease cartridge.


Pump Flush

Emecole Pump Flush

  • For cleaning high pressure injection pumps.
  • Use before and after use of the pump to ensure a moisture free pumping system.
Foundation Crack Repair Injection Packers

Injection Packers

  • For placement in holes drilled at 45 degrees to intersect the interior of crack.
  • Suitable for hairlines, previously repaired cracks or actively leaking cracks.
  • Available in multiple sizes pending depth of repaired crack.
  • Available in steel or brass.


  • More economical than Injection Packers.
  • Each port comes with zerk connector - works with Grease Gun Couplers.
Grease Gun Couplers

Grease Gun Couplers

  • Attaches an Injection Packer to Grease Gun.