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Injection Tools and Accessories for Low Pressure

Foundation Crack Repair Dual Injection Gun

Emecole Metro "Jake" 300 Dispensing Gun

  • Equipped with spring loaded high performance trigger.
  • Built with heavy duty materials for years of use.
  • May be used with any combination of 300cc, 150cc and 75cc tube sets.


Foundation Crack Repair Injection Gun

Emecole Metro Dispensing Gun

  • Precise dispensing control.
  • Designated for 1:1 ratio tube sets.
Foundation Crack Repair Injection Ports

Surface Ports

  • Allows entry of injected polyurethane or epoxy into foundation cracks.
  • Eliminates need for drilling holes into crack, unlike high pressure injection.
  • Easily bonds to crack surfaces via Emecole Metro's line of Surface Seals and Port Adhesives.
  • Corner Ports and unique Low Profile Ports also available.
Foundation Crack Repair Static Mixers


  • Engineered to combine and mix injected polyurethane or epoxy material upon dispensing.
  • Each mixer is sized specifically and must be used with its intended injection material or surface seal.
Foundation Crack Repair Cartridge and Mixer Retaining Nut


  • Secures static mixer to material cartridge.
Foundation Crack Repair Injection Hose Assemblies

Hose Assembly

  • Connects directly to Surface Ports and Mixers
  • Gives easier access to applicators for injecting around hard to reach areas, such as furnaces, sinks, etc.