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Emecole Mixers - Concrete Crack Repair for Flatwork

Emecole Dispensing Mixers for Concrete Crack Repair

Emecole Mixers are engineered to properly combine and mix materials in the nozzle upon dispensing. The mixers combine two-part materials and spin them a specific number of times to ensure optimum chemical performance. Emecole Mixers are secured to tube sets by retaining nuts (nuts available separately). Each Emecole Mixer is specifically sized, each of which accomodates a specific Emecole Epoxy or Polyurea material for flatwork concrete crack repair.

  • Emecole recommends the 3/16"x48 Mixer for use with Emecole 555 and Emecole 40.
  • Emecole recommends the 3/8"x30 Mixer for use with Emecole 85-90 (Gray and Black).

Mixer - Use with E555 or E40

Emecole Mixer 3/16" x 48

Mixer - Use with E85-90 (Gray or Black)

Emecole Mixer 3/8" x 30