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Featuring the Original Concrete Crack Repair Kits

Concrete Repair Digest Leading to the founding of Emecole in 1987, Lou Cole sought to develop a more affordable means for repairing cracks in poured foundation walls. With the development of his "Jake" dual cartridge dispensing gun, Lou formulated his own two-component epoxies and polyurethanes that would inject into cracks at low pressure via the use of the "Jake."

By 1993, while low pressure injection was becoming adopted by more concrete and waterproofing contractors, Cole still wasn't fully satisfied. "My thought at the time was how to simplify the purchasing process for anyone new to low pressure concrete crack repair. That's when I thought about packaging everything together and marketing a complete starter kit that would include all the components one would need to permanently repair cracks in poured foundations."

By the 2000's, with the Internet mainstream and consumers in the habit of using search engines, our Concrete Crack Repair Kits began to generate new traffic to the Emecole website, and quickly became one of our best selling items.

Today, Emecole manufacturers a variety of kits for the most common residential crack repairs -- poured basement wall cracks, concrete floors and slab cracks, filling control joints, blacktop repair and pool repair.

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