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Emecole Sumpro

Emecole Sumpro

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The Sumpro is a state of the art power inverter that can run any 12v sump pump up to 12amps. It can even run two of our ultra-efficient BA33i 1/3 HP or BA50i 1/2 HP pumps. If you are looking to protect a finished basement and have high water inflow, this system is the answer to keeping your basement dry. The Sumpro uses the electricity from two 12 volt batteries to keep your pumps running in the event of a power outage. It has an LCD display to notify you of critical system information like battery and pumping status. If you are without power for extended periods of time, there are even connections so that you can charge the batteries with solar or wind power.

  • 24 volt battery backup to run two pumps
  • Perfect for high water inflow basements
  • LCD display notifies you of critical system information
  • Runs off of two 12 volt AGM batteries
  • Can charge batteries with wind or solar power