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Emecole Metro Dimple Board for Interior Drains

Emecole Interior Drain Dimple Board

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Emecole Metro Dimple Board for Interior Drains protects against incoming water seeping from cove joints (where the wall meets the floor), concrete block or cracks in poured concrete walls. Placed on the footer, Emecole Metro Dimple Board channels water beneath the slab and to the basement's interior drain system.

Available in 18" x 50' sized rolls, its unique dimple pattern allows for efficient channeling of water, reducing hydrostatic pressure against the foundation. Its top portion may be folded against the wall and secured via screwed or nails, ensuring that the system stays in place. Its high density polyethylene material is resistant to to salts, alkalis and acids.

  • 18" x 50' sized rolls
  • Light gray color better matches concrete
  • Applicable for both concrete block and poured foundations
  • Suitable for new construction as a preventative measure to potential future water seepage
  • Provides an economical alternative to exterior drain tile installation, which requires additional labor and excavation


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Dimple Board for Interior Drains