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Emecole Metro Dimple Board for Exterior Drainage

Emecole Interior Drain Dimple Board

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Emecole Dimple Board for Exterior Foundation WaterproofingEmecole Metro Dimple Board for Exterior Drainage provides waterproofing protection around the foundation by preventing ground water from making contact with the wall. The added dimple design provides air gaps that allows for back side drainage to occur, minimizing the moisture content that could otherwise be subject to wicking up through the footer and through the interior cove (where the wall meets the floor). The Dimple Board also adds a layer of protection from water in the event the foundation cracks, either due to shrinkage, ground movement or other concrete defects.

The uniquely designed dimples are aligned in straight rows, unlike competing boards in which the dimples are placed in an offset pattern. The straight row aligned pattern is less likely to allow for obstruction, improving overall flow of water.

The Dimple Board is suitable for use on poured foundations or concrete block in residential foundations and shallow light commercial foundations. May be used as a standalone waterproofing solution or in conjunction with Emecole Metro Water-Stop, our liquid applied exterior waterproofing membrane that forms a seamless, smooth and continuous moisture barrier. The combined use of Emecole Metro Dimple Board and Emecole Metro Water-Stop provides the most comprehensive exterior waterproofing protection while offering homeowners the ultimate peace of mind.

The Dimple Board is secured via Emecole Metro Dimple Board Connector Plates, which fasten along the seams of the board.

Roll Size:

  • 6'9" x 50' (337.5 sq. ft. per roll)
  • 8' x 50' (400 sq. ft. per roll)

Additional Specifications:

  • Dimple height of 0.315" (8 mm)
  • Drain capacity of ± 18 gal/min/ft, with a compressive strength of 4177 psf
  • Applicable for most soil types to a depth of up to 16 feet