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Emecole D-I-Y Customer Testimonials

I just spent over 30 min on the phone with Ryan discussing a solution for my water leak at home. He was patient, listened carefully, asked key questions for clarification of my issue, and suggested detailed steps for taking care of the problem. Based on my time with Ryan, I'm optimistic that I can fix my leak myself using the products and procedures we discussed. His communication skills and expertise are exceptional and represent Emecole in a most positive manner.

Jim Williams

I ordered the 30 ft kit. It cost half the amount of the estimate I got. As a DIY handy homeowner, the whole process of fixing a vertical concrete wall crack is easy. Just do 1 at a time. Watch the videos so you know what to expect. If you can spackle, and know how to use a caulk gun, and take your time. Definitely wear safety glasses and gloves. I had my 14 year old son help me. We have 2 more cracks to do, but have already paid for the kit by fixing the first cracks ourselves.

Mark Wilmoth

I successfully repaired my basement wall and purchased the easy peel for my in laws house. So far no leaks, awesome product! Emecole saved me hundreds of dollars.

Michael Raymond

Hello, I would like to take a moment of your time to share with you the recent experience I had with the purchase of your poly urethane injection system. Allow me to start by saying I am a DIYer, and after discovering a crack in my basement wall, that had gotten wider over the winter, I searched for a fix. Contacting a couple of manufactures, it was amazing, they had the same response to detailed questioned I had, "that"s up to you".   DIYer questions?

When I contacted EMECOLE it was different. I spoke with Ryan. He listened, answered all my questions in detail and showed an interest in my completing the project the right way, with the correct product. A knowledge base conversation, I latched on and purchased your product on line.

There was no verification that I had made the purchase, so called the next day. Being a bit abrasive, I spoke with Jackie about my concern. Handled me professionally, problem solved.

Just a bit more. Started the project. Half way thru had a problem, called and again spoke with Ryan. Sent him pictures of the wall, inside and out. He called back, project done!

IN short, caring, knowledge, professionalism, coupled with an excellent product, for a small purchase?


Dwight Robinson,

Last summer I used the 555 crack repair kit to fix some cracks in my basement floor that were unsucessfully fixed with hydraulic cement in the past.  I followed the video instructions and the repair went smoothly.  I can tell it is a much more permanent fix than before with no water leaking in.  I found I had to move quickly so the material because the 555 dries pretty quick.  Since the floor crack repair went well, I figured I would try the wall crack repair kit for some cracks in my basement walls.  This time I used polyurethane instead of 555.  Again, by following the video instructions the repair went smoothly.  We've had heavy rains so far this spring and summer and the cracks are completely sealed.  Overall, I highly recommend Emecole crack repair products.

Ted R.,

I'm glad I found Emecole. Back in February, my son found a puddle in our finished basement. The water was in our storage room that is directly below the kitchen - my hopes were that the water was coming from there. No such luck. I pulled all of the ceiling tiles and found a foundation crack in my man cave. Well, that really sucks.... I cut one panel of drywall out between the 2x4s and was very fortunate to find that the crack was straight down. It followed the concrete form panels used when pouring the foundation walls. I purchased the repair kit with the polyurethane foam, followed the instructions to the letter. It's been over two months now and we haven't had any signs of problems since. Thanks for a fantastic product. I'm so glad I didn't have to excavate and patch from the outside. I would have had to remove my newly built deck. :cheers:

Bill H.,

We used your 85/90 Joint Expansion Material and the product flowed beautifully, sealed the crack perfectly, and our guys loved it. We were able to easily finish the job on time. You are our go to guys for anything you carry that we need. We were impressed with how helpful and knowledgeable your technical service people were and that the product was delivered exactly when you said it would be. We will definitely put Emecole on our A supplier list.