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Emecole 300 HM Thixo (1 Gal Part A + 1 Gal. Part B)

Emecole 300 HM Thixo

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Emecole 300 HM Thixo is a high strength and moisture resistant epoxy used for repairing both horizontal and vertical chipped, flaking or spalling concrete on stairs, porches, patios, etc. Additional applications include the tuckpointing of concrete block walls, cinder block walls, retaining walls, chimneys and more.

It is available in gray by the gallon (1 gal. Part A and 1 gal. Part B). It is highly recommended that Emecole 300 HM Thixo is mixed with pure, washed and dried silica sand - recommended 2 gallons of combined Thixo with 44 pounds or more of sand to create the desired working consistency.

Application – Mortar Joints:

  • Grind out mortar joint approximately one inch in depth with a 4” diameter Masonry Mortar Cut-Out Blade.
  • Fill mortar joints with mixed Thixo using the appropriate tuckpointing trowel.

Application – Vertical or Horizontal Surfaces:

  • Trowel material on and smooth it. For enhanced spreading of material, we recommend using a wet trowel.

General Information:

  • Mix Parts A and B equally – followed by additional mixing of sand (in small quantities).
  • Approximate 20 minute pot life, tack free in 1 to 2 hours, with final cure of 1 to 3 days.
  • Conforms to ASTM C-881 Type I, II, IV and V. Grade 3, Class B and C.
  • Surfaces suitable for epoxy overlays following application of Thixo - overlays should be completed before Emecole 300 HM Thixo fully cures (see below photos).
    • Left photo shows repaired area; Right photo shows repaired area with overlay.

Concrete Stairs Repair - ThixoConcrete Stairs Epoxy Overcoat


Product Data Sheet: