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EmeSeal 180 Mil Crawl Space Liner

180 Mil Crawl Space Encapsulation Liner

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The EmeSeal 180 Mil Liner is our newest vapor barrier, designed and engineered to stop the infiltration of moisture and soil gases. The 180 mil liner is equipped with a double-layer of closed cell foam material, making it the thickest crawl space vapor barrier available on the market. Its additional padding provides extra durability, which allows it to withstand heavy storage.

The double layer of closed-cell foam is enclosed by one side that is aluminized, while the other side is a heavy duty polyethylene. The aluminized side diffuses soil gases, including radon, and reflects heat back into the crawl space and basement, while the polyethylene side provides the liner its strength.

  • Thickest vapor barrier available in the crawl space encapsulation market
  • Double-layer of closed cell foam provides additional padding, making it highly durable for heavy storage and movement
  • Zero Perm to seal mold causing moisture out of crawl spaces
  • Aluminized to reflect heat back into the crawl space or basement and diffuse soil gases like radon
  • One of the most versatile crawl space liners available today
  • Light weight, allowing for easy transport to job site
  • Will not rot or support mold growth
  • Class A fire rated (independently tested)

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