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EmeSeal Double Bubble Liner

Crawl Space Double Bubble Liner


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The EmeSeal Double Bubble Liner is an excellent option for customers who need insulation in their crawlspace. It has two-layers of air bubbles sandwiched between one layer of white polyethylene and one layer of aluminum foil. With a R-value of 5.0, this liner insulates the crawl space while also sealing out moisture and soil gases.

Not only does the double bubble crawl space liner provide R-5 insulation, the aluminum layer provides radiant heat. When installed with the aluminum side facing into the crawl, the aluminum reflects heat back into the crawl space which can reduce energy costs.

  • Polyethylene and Aluminum Insulating Crawlspace Liner4'x125' Rolls - Easy to maneuver in the tight confines of many crawl spaces
  • R-value of 5.0 - Reduces energy costs
  • Seals out mold causing moisture and soil gases like radon - Creates a healthy home
  • An ideal liner for wall when insulation is a priority
  • Acceptable for floors when LIGHT storage is required
  • When not being used on the floors, use one of our EmeSeal floor liners: 90mil, Drain Fabric Poly Liner, or 20-22mil, or 10mil
  • 3/8-inch thick - The double layer of air bubbles aid with insulation
  • Made with inorganic materials - Won't support mold growth
  • Flexible - will not crack over time
  • Weight - only 1.12 oz. per sq. ft. (42 lbs. per roll) - Makes it easy to transport and maneuver

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