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EmeSealCrete - Deep Penetrating Concrete Sealer

EmeSealCrete - Deep Penetrating Concrete Sealer

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Key Features & Benefits:

  • Protect homes against dangerous soil gases, including radon, and moisture.  A "must do" in any household! 
  • Easy to apply by using a low-pressure hand sprayer or garden sprayer
  • May be applied on poured foundations or concrete block; vertical or horizontal
  • Covers approximately 200 square feet per diluted gallon, pending substrate composition and porosity
  • Harmless to the environment and the applicator
  • Colorless, odorless and solvent free
  • Not a membrane type sealer
  • Available in individual gallons, cases of four gallons or five gallon containers

Concrete Penetrating Sealer - Basement Wall Application
EmeSealCrete is a
deep-penetrating soil gas and moisture barrier.  According to the EPA, the number one cause of lung cancer in non-smokers is radon gas.  EmeSealCrete reduces the presence of radon and moisture in a home by reacting with concrete’s free lime and forming an expanded crystalline structure beneath the surface.  This process fills up pores, voids or cracks within the concrete, that may or may not be visible to the human eye, eliminating capillary action to reduce the penetration of moisture and soil gas infiltration. It may also be used to permanently densify, strengthen, and waterproof new and existing concrete.

This leads to lowering humidity in basement or crawl space areas and thus reducing bad air migrating to the living area. It can also help in reducing the formation of mold and other allergens.

Why Ship Water? While our competitors ship a diluted version of their product, EmeSealCrete is concentrated. The concentrate gives you more for your money (see pricing for General Public or Emecole Contractors on the following page to compare).

  • Save on shipping cost with concentrate
  • Penetrates best when mixed with hot water
  • Easily mixed (see chart below)
  • Best dilution for poured or block walls

Emecole Deep Penetrating Concrete Sealer Coverage


Prior to Pene-Seal-Crete
Microscopic minerals in concrete are naturally porous. Here is what they look like before EmeSealCrete.
After Pene-Seal-Crete
After reacting with the chemicals in EmeSealCrete the minerals expand to create a permanent soil gas and moisture barrier.


Application: For block walls, dilute 1 gallon of EmeSealCrete with 2 gallons of hot water; for poured concrete walls, dilute with 3 gallons of hot water. Be sure to mix thoroughly in a clean bucket or pail and apply with a typical garden sprayer (found at most hardware stores).   To maximize its use, Emecole recommends two applications of EmeSealCrete.  Apply the second coat 30-45 minutes after the first, while the concrete is still damp from the first application.

Basement Water & Gases


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