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Emecole BA75i - 3/4 HP Primary Sump Pump

Emecole BA75i Primary Sump Pump

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BA75i Platinum Series Primary Sump Pump – 3/4hp

The BA75i is an ultra-high performance, extremely durable primary sump pump for protecting basements and crawlspaces against flooding. It is ideal for anybody looking to protect a finished basement with extreme water intake. The pump is energy efficient and high capacity. It pumps 85 gallons of water per minute at 10’.

The body and base of the BA75i are made from epoxy coated cast iron and stainless steel. These heavy duty materials keep the pump motor cool for optimum service life.

All Emecole sump pumps come with an Ion Switch. The switch electronically activates and de-activates the pump. There are no moving parts to wear out or get hung up on something in the pit and cause a pump failure. The Ion sump pump switch has been tested to last over two million cycles, it is so reliable we offer the BA75i with a 3 Year, No Fuss Warranty.

The bottom of the pump has a stainless steel screened intake. The screen allows small debris to safely pass but stops anything large enough to damage the impeller.

  • 3 Year NO FUSS warranty.
  • Pumps 85 gallons per minute/4500 gallons per hour at 10’.
  • The body and base are made from epoxy coated cast iron and stainless steel to keep the motor cool and maximum durability
  • Stainless steel screened intake to protect the pump from damage
  • Comes with an Ion Switch. Tested at over two million cycles. The Ion Switch provides the ultimate in reliability.
  • Bulk pricing is available. Please call 800-844-2713 for program details.