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Anabec Advanced Cleaning Solution

Anabec Advanced Cleaning Solution

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The first stage in mold remediation is to properly clean infected surfaces or objects. The Anabec Advanced Cleaning Solution is a hydrogen peroxide based cleaner formulated for reducing or removing mold, mildew, dirt, bacteria and microbial stains from common building materials, including basement and crawl space walls and floors.

While it is commonly believed that mold may be cleaned and removed by bleach, the problem with bleach is two-fold. Since bleach neutralizes very quickly, it doesn’t have enough contact time with the microorganisms that are present. In addition, as bleach neutralizes, it leaves behind its main ingredient of water, which is a key source for mold growth.

The Anabec Advanced Cleaning Solution leaves behind a clean surface that may be followed up with the application of a moisture barrier protective product. For basement waterproofing contractors, we recommend the Anabec x70 which is specifically intended for unfinished interior building surface (backed by 30 year warranty when used together). For finished surfaces, we’d recommend Anasphere (backed by 7 year warranty when used together).

  • The Anabec Advanced Cleaning Solution may be applied by fogging, foaming or spraying (pump, airless or trigger), making it ideal for small or large scale jobs.
  • Product is ready for use. No stirring or diluting necessary, saving applicators time while on the job.
  • Available in five gallon pails. Each gallon provides approximately 1,000 square foot of coverage.

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