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Emecole - High Pressure Injection Polyurethane Expansion Foam

Emecole High Pressure Polyurethane Injection Foam

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Emecole High Pressure Polyurethane 100/800 is specially formulated for use in large scale jobs requiring high pressure injection. This medium viscosity hydrophobic polyurethane comes in two parts, the polyurethane and a catalyst which must be mixed before installation.  Since Emecole High Pressure Foam will not react until it comes in contact with moisture, the mixture can be prepared days before use if stored in a completely dry environment.  Five gallon containers are available upon request -- please contact us at 800-844-2713 for availability.

  • One gallon container with four ounces of catalyst.
  • Expands twenty to thirty times its original volume.
  • Packaged in bulk quantities.  Container sizes range from one to fifty five gallons.
  • Requires the use of a high pressure grease gun or industrial grade equipment for installation.

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Pricing & Purchasing

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