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EmeSeal Sump Donut

Sump Pit Donut

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The Emecole Sump Donut seals out gases and moisture around the pump pit.  It is used in conjuction to our Emecole Dome Cover Pit Lid and is installed underneath one of our crawl space liners.  The Dome Cover Lid is screwed directly into the the Donut.  The liner is "sandwiched" between the lid and the donut to form a seal that keeps out soil gases (like radon), odor, pests and moisture.

Advantages of the Emecole Donut:

  • Seals out soil gases and moisture.
  • Anchors the Emecole Dome Cover Pit Lid.
  • Seals the crawl space liner and the lid together.

What's in the Box: