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Detailed Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Strap Information

Foundation StrapSoil pressure can fracture a block or concrete foundation wall, causing horizontal and vertical cracks and/or bowing. The foundation must be stabilized to assure that a homeowner retains the full value of his or her home. A fractured basement wall is serious trouble and a major hamper on the value and sale of the home.


The Carbon Fiber grid halts any further movement of a block or concrete wall. It will do it easily, safely and without any outside excavation. The grid lies flat against the wall and when painted over, are hardly noticeable. The wall will never bow or crack again.

Carbon fiber grid straps have an extremely low profile that virtually makes them invisible, while other systems like steel bracing can protrude 6” – 12” from the wall. Unlike steel bracing, carbon fiber does not rust! Carbon fiber straps can be covered over with paints or other coatings to further enhance the looks of the finished repair.

Foundation Corner StrapIf you are a basement waterproofing contractor and repairing bowed walls by another means or system, or, if you are passing up these types of repairs, you need to call Emecole now. Emecole can provide the training and supply the product that will enable you to add this proven repair method to your list of quality services. With Emecole on your side, you can turn a nightmare basement into a dream job.

Advantages of using Carbon Fiber Grid Straps

  • Straps conform to bowed walls
  • No excavating
  • Will not deteriorate
  • Straps will not rust
  • Most repairs finished in one day
  • No drilling
  • No lifting of heavy steel
  • Consistent material properties
  • Peel–ply self bonding
  • Straps are 4"x7'
  • Backed by the “Fortress Lifetime Warranty” for Certified Emecole Contractors

These hi-tech Carbon Fiber grid will permantely repair cracked or moving foundations without steel I-beams or tie-backs, leaving your walls with no unsightly obstructions and ready to paint. The repair is permanent and guaranteed for the life of the home. In most cases, certified installers can finish an installation in one day, leaving the wall ready to be painted.

If you are a homeowner with a bowed basement wall or in need of a structural wall repair, insist on Emecole and carbon fiber/kevlar from your basement waterproofing contractor.


Carbon Fiber Grid Straps are installed onto foundation walls using Emecole specially formulated Carbon Fiber Epoxy materials, with the use of the Emecole "Jake" 600 Gun. Straps are available in select kits - including our select corner strap kit specifically produced for foundation corners.

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