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Carbon Fiber-Kevlar Grid Strap Wall Stabilization Kit

Foundation Repair Structural Straps - Carbon Fiber

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Note: As of August, 2018, this kit now includes top and bottom wall anchors, in addition to six tube sets of 4020 Epoxy. Additional information about the top and bottom wall anchors is available further below.

For the better part of 20 years, the use of carbon fiber has become one of the preferred product choices among engineers and contractors for various structural repairs in both commercial and residential applications. Fortress Stabilization Systems was a leading pioneer in that movement with the launch of the Carbon Fiber-Kevlar Grid Strap, a hybrid grid system comprised of high tensile strength carbon fiber woven together by kevlar strands. In conjunction with specially formulated high strength epoxy, the Carbon Fiber-Kevlar Grid Strap provides the stabilization strength necessary for severely cracked or bowed concrete walls.

This Carbon Fiber-Kevlar Grid Strap Wall Stabilization Kit, ideal for poured or block basement walls, includes all of the needed component to ensure a successful installation. Featuring six 7.25′ by 4″ carbon fiber-kevlar straps, this kit now also includes Kevlar Necktie Top Wall Anchors and Floor Shear Anchors that provide enhanced reinforcement, ensuring that repaired walls are fully stabilized from top-to-bottom.

The carbon fiber installation method is more cost effective and less intrusive than other wall reinforcement measures, while eliminating the need for steel I-beams or tie-backs. The end result is a reinforced concrete wall with no unsightly obstructions. In most cases, installations can be completed in just one day.

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Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Grid StrapKit Components:

  • 7.25' x 4" Carbon Fiber-Kevlar Grid Straps (6)
  • 32oz. 2:1 4020 Epoxy (6 dual tube sets) with Static Mixing Nozzles
  • Kevlar Necktie Top Wall Anchors with Hanger Bolts (6)
  • Floor Shear Anchors (6)
  • Safety gloves
  • Plastic trowel/putty knife
  • Laminating plastic


Kevlar Necktie for Top Wall Anchoring

The Kevlar Necktie Top Wall Anchor is mechanically fastened (bolted) to the rim joist, as opposed to the sill plate, which allows the anchor to engage with the building’s floor system, resulting in a stronger and more durable anchor.

The Kevlar Necktie Top Wall Anchor is post-tensioned after installation, ensuring that the anchor and wall are engaged under tension, and holding fast, when the job is complete. It provides 4,500 lbs. of tension, eliminating any chance of movement.

Floor Shear Anchors for Bottom Wall Anchoring

The bottom of the basement wall is where shear forces are greatest, which often results in shear slides. While the basement floor holds the bottom of the wall in place, the Floor Shear Anchor provides additional strength against shear slides and helps further secure the Carbon Fiber-Kevlar Grid Strap installation. This added reinforcement also eliminates relying on the strength of the footing, which has the potential to crack or settle or experience other damage that otherwise makes it less reliable for protecting against shearing.

The Floor Shear Anchor holds 5,500 pounds of shear load, which is over two times the max shear load that will ever be exerted by external pressure, providing a guaranteed stop of movement.

Lifetime Warranty & Certification:  The Carbon Fiber-Kevlar Grid Strap Wall Stabilization Kit is backed by Fortress Stabilization’s life-time warranty. To protect the integrity of the Fortress warranty, this kit is available exclusively to contractors who have completed Fortress Stabilization’s certification training. Interested in becoming certified?. Please contact us for additional information or to register for an upcoming webinar.