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Carbon Fiber Stitching Dogs

Stitching Dog InstallationStitching Dog Placement

When concrete floor cracks and slabs require repair, a fast-reacting polyurea, such as Emecole 555, is best suited for such a job. However, flat surface cracks forming as a result of ground movement, need additional reinforcement.

Emecole's single-tow Carbon Fiber Stitching Dogs are are designated specifically for concrete surfaces where slab movement needs to be prevented. Stitching Dogs are designed to enhance our tough and dependable Emecole 555 Concrete Crack Repair Polyurea. Highly effective, the use of Emecole Carbon Fiber Stitching Dogs for concrete ground cracks makes for a no-brainer investment for any concrete repair or basement waterproofing business.

Each single-tow Stitching Dog add 1320 PSI tensile to assure the longevity of a slab crack repair. Stitching dogs are ideal for decorative overlay specialist. This product stabilizes the slab for trouble free polymer overlay installations. Best of all, overlay can be installed over this repair in just 60 minutes.

Single-tow stitching Dogs are available individually or in fully equipped kits which include all the necessary components for repairing cracked concrete slabs.

Each Stitching Dog is 1/8"x12".

Product Literature:

Stitching Dogs

Carbon Fiber Stitching Dogs (18 Individual Single-Tow Dogs)

Professional Kit

Carbon Fiber Stitching Dog Kits (Single-Tow)