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Carbon Fiber Staples & Components

Carbon Fiber Staples

Staple Kits - For use with an Emecole Foundation Crack Repair Epoxy Kit!

Staples in FoundationWhen using crack injection for repairing structural cracks, the added use of Carbon Fiber Staples provides the necessary reinforcement to ensure that repaired cracks remain permanent. The use of Carbon Fiber Staples also prevents new cracks from developing around the repaired crack. Carbon fiber has proven to be a safer and more effective product for structural reinforcement than steel.  First, repair the crack like normal using either Emecole 120 Structural Reinforcement Polyurethane or Emecole 121 Premium Epoxy.  Then stop any further movement in the crack by installing staples. When countersunk,these carbon fiber staples lay flat against the foundation, leaving the wall with no obstruction and ready to paint. Carbon Fiber Staples will not rust or deteriorate.

Aproximate Carbon Fiber Staple Dimensions - View Illustration

  • Staple Length: 12"
  • Staple Ends (Legs): 5/8"
  • Staple Width: 3/8"

Emecole's Carbon Fiber Staples are available in our Carbon Fiber Crack Repair Staple Kits (see below on this page).  They are available in two sizes, accommodating both small and large crack repair jobs. Both kits include the necessary accessories for proper installation. Accessories are also available individually for re-supply when necessary.

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Product Literature:
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Staple Installation Video

Optional Tool Recommended to Countersunk Staples:
Bosch 1775E Tuckpoint Grinder

Carbon Fiber Staple Product Selection

Carbon Fiber Staples are available in select kits. Both kits sizes include necessary installation accessories, accommodating small and large repairs.

Carbon Fiber Staple Kit - Single

Carbon Fiber Staple Crack Repair Kit - 10 Staple Kit

Countersunk Staples - 24 Piece Kit

Carbon Fiber Staple Crack Repair Kit - 30 Staple Kit




Carbon Fiber Staple Accessories

Accessories needed for installation of Carbon Fiber Staples - available for individual sale for when re-supply is necessary.

Carbon Fiber Epoxy

Emecole 4121 - Carbon Fiber Epoxy

Green Turbo Mixer

1/2" Green Turbo Mixer

Green Turbo Nut

No. 9 Green Turbo Nut

Emecole Jake Dispensing Gun For Low Pressure Crack Injection

Emecole "Jake" 300 Dispensing Gun