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Carbon Fiber Corner Strap Wall Stabilization Kit

Concrete Block Corner Structural Carbon Fiber Straps

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Product Update: As of May, 2019, the included epoxy in this kit is now packaged in 300/150 sized dual cartridges (previously was packaged in larger 600/300 sized dual cartridges). The new 300/150 cartridge size requires use off the Emecole Metro Jake 300 Dispensing Gun (in place of the Emecole Metro Jake 600 Dispensing Gun).

This kit features the Carbon Fiber Corner Strap that has been specifically designed for the reinforcement and/or repair of concrete or masonry foundation wall corners. The Carbon Fiber Corner Strap may also be used for any concrete or masonry wall repair where at 90-degree structural repair or reinforcement is needed.

The 4-inch by x 24-inch pre-preg, pre-cured corner straps represent a low profile bearing tendon that distributes load horizontally. Their design is based on steel plate systems, following ACI design guidelines in that they are slightly less than 90 degrees. Upon installation, these corner straps, in addition to the included 3-foot carbon fiber extensions woven together by kevlar strands, form a repair that is stronger than the surrounding concrete.

  • The low profile corner strap can be installed behind brick facade or other building facades
  • The included 3-foot extensions extend loads
  • Parge coats and painting can be used for aesthetics
  • Installs in same fashion as the straight Carbon Fiber-Kevlar Grid Strap
  • Reduces or illuminates contractor error in bending FRP to far to carry load
  • Peep-ply technology on both sides for increased bonding capabilities
  • May be used for concrete block or poured foundations


Kit Components:

  • Four (4) Carbon Fiber Corner Straps (4-inch by 24-inch) with eight 3-foot extensions
  • Seven (7) Fortress 4000 Carbon Fiber Epoxy Adhesive (300/150 sized dual cartridges)
    • Use with Emecole Metro Jake 300 Dispensing Gun (sold separately)
  • Two (2) 14 Pitch Turbo Mixers
  • Safety Gloves
  • One Plastic Trowel/Putty Knife


Life-time Warranty: This kit is available exclusively to contractors who have completed Fortress Stabilization’s certification training. Interested in becoming certified? Contact us to learn more about our monthly online certification opportunities!