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Refer to our collection of articles for additional information about waterproofing, structural repair and implementing whole home health. 

Foundation Crack Repair Articles
A collection of both educational and technical articles about low-pressure injection and concrete crack repair in poured foundations. Includes detailed information about Emecole epoxies, polyurethane foams and components, why concrete cracks and appropriate procedures for proper injection.

Permanent Repair and Prevention of Cracks in Concrete Slabs
An informational article dealing with cracking in concrete slabs, in regards to the proper repair methods, and preventative measures necessary to avoid future cracks.

Crawl Space Sealing Articles
EmeSeal installation tips and information regarding air quality and air flow within a crawl space.

Sump Pumps and Flood Protection Articles
Basement waterproofing starts and ends with the appropriate flood protection. Primary and battery backup sump pump systems are vital towards maintaining a dry and healthy basement. In addition, the quality of accessories used with a sump pump may be just as important as the pump itself.

Indoor Air Quality Control Articles
This group of articles highlights the importance of indoor air quality control for whole home health. The air quality within a basement and crawl space effects the entire home. Moisture and soil gas infiltration result from problems that can be remedied by a Certified Emecole Contractor.

Basement and Crawl Space Contractor Success Articles
Our series of informational articles includes interviews and quotes from some of the most successful entrepreneurs from the basement and crawl space industry.