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About Us

Basement Waterproofing Product Supplier

Concrete Crack Repair Made Easy!Originally founded as Emecole in 1987 by Louis Cole, an accomplished chemist with an entrepreneur spirit, the company pioneered a new and improved means for repairing cracks in poured foundations.

It was Lou’s determination for finding a more affordable and improved method for the repair of concrete cracks in poured foundations that led to him devising the concept of dual-cartridge dispensing of two-component materials via a spring-assisted dispensing tool similar to a caulking gun. This gave him the impetus to develop a line of epoxies and polyurethane foams specifically formulated for such repairs.

As the company grew, Lou’s continued research and development resulted in the launching of additional products and solutions that expanded the company’s focus into basement waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation. Based in Romeoville, IL, just 30 miles southwest of Chicago, Emecole became an established manufacturer and product supplier with a reach of contractor and homeowner customers throughout the United States and Canada.

In September, 2016, Emecole was acquired by Metropolitan Industries, which specializes in the custom engineering of packaged pump and control systems. Utilizing its engineering prowess since 1957, Metropolitan exceeds in answering the most dynamic water movement and management challenges from single-story buildings and high rises to single-family homes and municipalities. Metropolitan’s family owned business is also proud to be headquartered in Romeoville.

As part of Emecole’s continued growth, and to better align with the brand of Metropolitan Industries, our official name is now Emecole Metro LLC. Metropolitan Industries’ expertise in water control is a natural fit for Emecole Metro as we, with the same dedicated sales and customer service staff, continue to demonstrate our passion for developing and expanding products for the concrete repair and basement waterproofing industries – just as we always have.