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Ion Genesis Sump Pump Controller

Ion Genesis Sump Pump Controller

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The Ion Genesis is a computerized sump pump controller and alarm system.  This system will control up to two sump pumps in one pit with digital water level sensors.  The system allows you to be proactive against basement and crawl space flooding by notifying you of potential problems.

The Genesis central processing unit is the brains of the system.  It constantly monitors pump and pit conditions and then relays that information to you on an easy to read LCD display.

The system has audible and LED lighted alarms to notify you of potential flooding.  It has a built-in high water, heavy water inflow and a sump pump failure alarm.  The system can even connect directly to a dialer alarm that can call your phone in the event of an emergency.

The system comes with a controller and two sensors.  The digital sensors electronically convey water conditions in the pit to the Genesis.  There are no moving parts to wear out or get caught on something in the pit; this makes them more reliable than conventional switches. One switch acts as the primary "on and off" while the other serves as a backup and high water sensor.

  • Computerized sump pump controller and alarm
  • Comes with one controller and two sensors
  • Monitors and tests up to two sump pumps without opening the pit lid
  • Includes high water, high inflow and pump failure alarms
  • Can be used with an alarm dialer to call your phone in the event of an emergency
  • Easy to install