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Emecole Sump Pit Seal Lid (Dome Cover)

Sump Pit Seal Lid (Dome Cover)

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The Emecole Dome Cover Sump Pit Lid is a heavy duty lid that has a clear window for easy sump pit inspection and it seals out dangerous soil gases like radon.  The unique design of the lid allows easy access to the pit and its clear window allows for easy inspection without having to open the pit.  The lid is secured to the floor with 1/8" masonry or concrete screws.  When properly installed it can support the weight of a full grown man.  It is made of heavy duty polyethylene and the window is a clear acrylic.  The materials will never rot, rust or decay.  Its sturdy construction along with it being bolted to the floor drastically reduce the likelihood of someone or something falling into the pit and getting hurt or damaged.  The lid comes with pre-installed gaskets to seal out soil gases, moisture, odors, bugs and spiders.

Clear Pit Lid CoverWhen using the Dome Cover Pit Lid as part of the EmeSeal Crawl Space Sealing System we recommend the use of the EmeSeal Sump Donut for the best results.

Advantages of the Dome Cover Lid:

  • Comes with a window for easy pit and sump pump inspection.  You do not have to open the pit to see inside.
  • The heavy duty materials will never rot, rust or decay.
  • It can support the weight of a full grown man.  It reduces the likelihood of someone accidental falling through the pit lid and getting injured.
  • It is bolted directly to the floor to prevent it from coming lose.

What's in the Box:

  • One two part lid with pre-attatched gaskets on the flange and the seam that joins the two parts.
  • One polyethylene support beam to add strength to the lid.
  • Written instructions with diagrams.


  • 23.75" Outside diameter
  • 21.75" Inside diameter
  • 1" Flange
  • 2.5" Height

Additional Information: