Carolina Crawlspace Solutions

Carolina Crawlspace Solutions

356 Bay Run
Newport, NC 28570

Ph: (252) 659-2383

As an Emecole Preferred Contractor, Carolina Crawlspace Solutions is a company which we deem to be in excellent standing. Emecole is proud to recommend Carolina Crawl Space Solutions for their crawl space sealing and insulation system installation. The crawl space is typically a wet, musty and dirty area prone to mold growth and soil gas infiltration (including radon). The unhealthy airborne materials circualted within a crawl space will eventually circualte around the rest of the home. A sealed and insulated crawl space perfected by Carolina Crawl Space Solutions results in a clean, dry and usable area that can improve the air quality throughout the entire home.

Leonard Farrugia, owner of Carolina Crawlspace Solutions, is fully committed to provding his customers both service and support that is second to none. By adhering to the simple guidelines of respect, integrity and responsibility, you can trust that all work by Leonard and his staff is completed with the upmost of care, and with the highest quality of products.

Emecole is a manufacturer and supplier of basement and crawl space materials used primarily for waterproofing and indoor air quality improvement.

Our dedicated service to the basement waterproofing industry began in 1987 with the development of our low-pressure injection system for repairing concrete cracks.  Since then, our line of premium products have been developed, manufactured and tested with continued innovation.