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Drainage Systems

Emecole Interior Drain Dimple Board

Dimple Board for Interior Drains
Footing drainage board that protects from water seepage through cove joints, concrete block or cracks in poured foundation walls. Water is channeled beneath the slab and to the basement drain system.

Hydro-Channel Plus - Foundation Drainage System

Hydro-Channel Basement Drainage System
An interior basement drainage system designed to direct water seepage from the cove joint to the french drain. Can be used in new construction or retrofitted for existing foundations.

Versa-Drain Interior Drainage System

Versa-Drain System
Emecole's interior drain tile system is designed to sit on top of the footing, collecting water from the basement perimeter and directing it to the sump pump. More cost effective than outside drainage systems, may be used with either concrete block or poured foundations.

Emecole Baseboard

Emecole Baseboard provides the ultimate waterproofing solution for above floor applications -- no jackhammering necessary. It is simple to install and offers homeowners a relatively clean installation. Emecole Baseboard's flange locks securely into the floor groove. Works on stone, poured or block walls.

Emecole Low Profile Baseboard

Low Profile Baseboard
May be used in conjunction with Emecole Dimple Board. Attaches to the top of Dimple Board and protects dimpled space from concrete, dirt or any obstruction that would otherwise divert the channel of water. Also may be used with Hydro-Channel and select EmeSeal System Liners. Available in 6.5' and 3.25' strips.

Emecole Dimple Board Connector Plates

Dimple Board Connector Plates
Fastened along the seams of Emecole Dimple Board. Available in boxes of 20.

Hydro-Channel Plus Corner

Hydro-Channel Plus Corner
Slides to make any angle corner on the Hydro-Channel Plus pieces.

Hydro-Channel Plus Bridge

Hydro-Channel Plus Bridge
Connects Hydro-Channel Plus Corners to Hydro-Channel Plus.