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Late Winter Storm in the Northeast puts Spring on Hold

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I was asked the other day why the Emecole website still has the Winter Weather Advisory alert (which pertains to the shipping of chemicals) on our online store's shopping cart. While winter seems to have subsided for good here in the Midwest (we hope!), I was aware that our friends on the East Coast are not as lucky. 

According to the Weather Channel, winter weather advisories have been issued for over 34 million people in the Northeast, including New York City and Philadelphia. Mixed rain and snow is expected to fall starting this afternoon and last through Saturday. While accumulations may reach up to 5 inches in New Jersey and Long Island, the build-up of snow is likely to be short lived, especially at this time of year (Spring officially begins today). 

What this creates is the potential onslaught of melting snow and excess water, which can become problematic to homes with basements and crawl spaces. While spring is typically the busiest time of the year for waterproofing contractors, homeowners are best advised to address lingering basement and crawl space water problems prior to the spring rush. This can be done by ensuring that any cracks in the foundation are properly filled, by replacing an aging sump pump that can easily fail when needed most, and by installing a battery backup sump pump system for added protection for when the primary pump is unable to operate (either due to failure or power outage). 

When the onslaught of water is at its worst, finding a basement waterproofing contractor can become nearly impossible. It's always preferred to be prepared ahead of time when possible. Fortunately, most basement water problems can be avoided. Unfortunately, having the will to be proactive towards preventing such problems almost requires a previous disaster experience involving basement water of some sorts. Those who've had that unfortunate misfortune are more likely to go the extra mile to ensure that it never happens again.