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Holiday Experiment Means Basement Waterproofing Contractors May Have a Very Happy New Year

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While many basement waterproofing contractors look forward to relaxing at home during the holiday season, I’ll be rolling up my sleeves and tearing apart my basement. No, I’m not Scrooge; I like to celebrate, too. But by making my home a sealing system experiment, I hope to deliver a lucrative gift to contractors nationwide: a wall panel covering system that promises to expand the scope of their services and income in the New Year.

I’ve stated many times that basement contractors must offer more than concrete crack injection services if they want to succeed. By adding a new specialty to the menu, contractors are more likely to be hired repeatedly by the same client. These value add-ons are extremely important when building a business because it relieves the contractor of always having to seek new clientele. After all, selling a second service to a friend is a lot easier than winning the confidence of a stranger, right?

Here’s how it might work. You would make a list of every homeowner who has been happy with your work over the last several years. Then you call each one to have a friendly chat. Ask how things are going. Remind them of the importance of indoor air quality – 50 percent of the air we breathe upstairs originates downstairs in the basement. And then before signing off, say, “Oh by the way, if I told you there was a way to transform raw basement space into a family room – for a fraction of what it would cost to renovate – would you be interested?” Why would they not at least listen? They already trust you.

The wall covering system that I’ll be experimenting with in my 20-year-old home over the holidays – practice what you preach – will one day allow basement crack injection experts like you to expand revenue while doing a good deed. You already know the importance of crack injection. Without it, small cracks in concrete walls allow water to seep in. Homeowners must protect against the health hazards of moisture presence and subsequent mold spore/allergen development – or suffer serious consequences.

My basement waterproofing system will simultaneously insulate and finish basement walls. In my home, I have about 1,000 square feet to work with. The area includes a modest gym, family space where we can entertain and a recreational corner for our pool table. The goal is to provide wall panels that integrate with waterproofing techniques and technologies contractors like you are already familiar with. In doing so, I’ll develop a complete waterproofing system that can be sold as a package or offered as a follow-up to homeowners who have already benefitted from your skills.

It should go without saying that converting a basement makes that space more appealing to children and adults. Homeowners will be doubly please to know that quickly upgrading the raw concrete environment with insulated wall panels does not preclude doing a more expensive renovation at a later date – perhaps when the economy has improved and/or they are convinced that their basement is dry as hay. Tell your clients that it makes no sense spending thousands of dollars on furniture, home theater components and carpeting unless the basement is properly sealed and flood-proof.

But the key to my success is not only making life better for homeowners and families. I want this system to be easy to install. The last thing you and other basement waterproofing contractors want is a hassle. Complications slow down your ability to provide quality services and make a profit.

So kick back and enjoy the holiday. You’ve earned it. But while you’re relaxing, start dreaming of a lucrative New Year and what that will mean for you and yours.