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Emecole Adds Santa Fe Dehumidifiers to Contractor Product Line

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We are pleased to add Santa Fe Dehumidifiers to the Emecole product line. Santa Fe Dehumidifiers provide the ultimate protection against excess humidity and eventual mold growth, creating a more comfortable and healthy basement or crawl space environment.

What separates the large capacity Santa Fe Dehumidifiers from others are their efficiency and overall reliability.

Efficiency- The energy efficient Santa Fe Dehumidifiers can save homeowners several hundreds of dollars each year. These units also remove more pints of water per day versus conventional dehumidifiers.

Reliability- Santa Fe Dehumidifiers consists of higher quality parts. Their filters can better withstand corrosive environments, prolonging the life of the unit. The average life of a Santa Fe Dehumidifier is over 10 years while conventional dehumidifiers often break after just a couple of years. For further protection, Santa Fe Dehumidifiers are 100% backed with a five year warranty on all parts and components.

The two specific units available from Emecole are the Santa Fe Classic - Basement Dehumidifier and the Santa Fe Advance2- Crawl Space Dehumidifier. Both units exceed Energy StarĀ® efficiency requirements and are highly flexible for specific installation requirements. The Santa Fe Classic removes up to 100 pints of water per day in basements as large as 2,500 sq. ft., while the Santa Fe Advance 2 removes 90 pints of water per day in crawl spaces as large as 2,200 sq. ft.

Either the Santa Fe Classic or the Advance2 are great products for waterproofers to offer to their customers. The added protection further ensures that the basement or crawl space stays free of moisture and mold, creating a healthy home environment.

Both Santa Fe units are now available to contractors. For more information about Santa Fe Dehumidifiers and basement moisture control, please visit the Santa Fe Dehumidifiers section or call Emecole at (800) 844-2713.