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Consumer Note: Mold, the Winter Shut-in


As the weather cools down we will begin to close the doors and windows of our homes sealing out the cold. The furnace will kick in and the air circulated in our homes will originate from inside. There is a fresh filter on the furnace and we may even have had the ducts cleaned, but what else is in the air? It is a known fact that much of the air in our homes originates from the lower level—the basement, and below the foundation.

Fall is a very good time to do an inspection of the space in your basement. Look for wet walls, standing water on the floor and especially any signs of mold or mildew on the walls or in the corners. <a href="http://www.emecole.com/indoor-air-quality/index.php">Mold spores </a>are airborne particles that dramatically impact indoor air quality and can lead to serious respiratory health issues. Even if you have a high tech filtration system in the home the particles are airborne until they reach the filter. Electronic filters can reduce the effects of airborne contaminates, but they don’t stop it at the source.

Upon inspection, even if there is no mold present, if there is moisture—that is the breeding ground for mold. If you do find mold you should have a qualified mold expert remove it and then properly seal the space to eliminate future problems.

Indoor air quality is at the core of research, development and distribution of Emecole products. Emecole offers a variety of products engineered to seal out moisture and toxic soil gases. Now is a great time to address the problem before winter sets in trapping your indoor air, increasing the health risks.

You should have mold and waterproofing experts inspect and fix the problem. If you would like help finding reputable experts in your area for mold remediation and basement waterproofing, Call Emecole at 800-844-2713. We’d be glad to help.