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Concrete Crack Repair Dispensing Tools - 10% Off Special


Through February, all Emecole Dispensing Guns are available at 10% off the normal contractor price.

Manual Dispensing Tools - For Low Pressure Injection

Emecole’s manual tools dispense at low pressure and are generally used for poured foundation crack repairs and concrete floor and slab crack repairs.

Emecole Jake 300 & 600 Manual Gun - Features, Advantages & Benefits:

  • Made with durable, contractor grade materials for a long service life which reduces replacement costs.
  • Spring-loaded high performance trigger ensures:
    • Consistent flow of material and therefore ensures the crack is repaired right the first time by materials filling the crack evenly and correctly.
    • Time savings as you can work on other tasks while the spring coil is slowly and correctly pushing material into the crack for you.
    • Less hand fatigue through a press-and-release process that allows the spring coil to do most of the work for you.
  • Accommodates two size cartridge combinations. The Jake 300 can use 300ml/300ml or 300ml/150ml sized cartridges and the Jake 600 can use 600ml/600ml or 600ml/300ml cartridges. This reduces the cost and need to buy two separate dispensing guns.

Emecole Manual Injection Gun - Features, Advantages & Benefits:

  • Economically priced for a low cost option to contractors who offer foundation crack repair but are not doing that type of work on a regular basis.
  • Accommodates 300ml/300ml sized cartridges.

Grease Gun - Features, Advantages & Benefits:

  • Uses a standard 14 oz. grease cartridge.
  • Equipped with a knurled barrel, allowing for a non-slip grip.

Pneumatic Air Powered Guns

Our pneumatic air powered tools are ideal for large scale projects or for contractors who regularly repair concrete cracks.

Air Powered Guns - Features, Advantages & Benefits:

Air Powered Gun
(300 ml x 150 ml)

Air Powered Gun
(300 ml x 300 ml)

Air Powered Gun
(600 ml x 300 ml)

Air Powered Gun
(600 ml x 600 ml)

  • "Air in" and "air out" allows for power forward and power reverse which eases operation while also saving time during use.
  • Supplied with build-in air regulator at base of handle. Comes with interchangeable side handle for added stability.

To receive the 10% off, contractors must give the coupon code "World of Concrete" while placing their order.

For more information on Emecole's line of manual and air powered dispensing tools, please call (800) 844-2713 to speak with an Emecole customer service team member.

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