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Cold Weather is A Good Time for Basement Crack Repair


It has been said that there are two kinds of basements; those that leak, and those that will leak. Whether poured or block—basement foundations are at the mercy of external soil conditions like shifting, expansion and contraction.

During cold weather soil freezes and contracts and the pressure from the frozen moisture tends to move vertically toward the heat loss. This condition relieves pressure on your foundation surfaces contracting any cracks that may exist. When the soil thaws in warmer weather the soil expands, increasing surface pressure in all directions. Common signs of this expansion are heaving on concrete surfaces [roads and driveways], increased size of cracks and leaks in your basement, and even bowing in foundation walls. The compounded effects are diminished structural integrity of the foundation, increased leaking, additional moisture in the basement and added health risks such as mold, mildew and radon gas infiltration. High-tech air filtration systems can minimize these risks but they will not eliminate them. The contaminants are airborne until they reach the filter and the cycle is endless. These risks need to be addressed at the source.

It is always a good idea to inspect your basement seasonally for signs of structural damage, mold and excessive moisture. On bare foundations walls look for signs of cracks, moisture stains, puddles on the floor. In finished basements look for discoloration at the base of the walls, musty smells or puddles on the floor.

Having foundation cracks and moisture problems repaired during cold weather can often result in quicker and more economical solutions. Don’t wait until spring when these problems “expand”.

Emecole manufactures and distributes a wide range of crack repair and sealing products that can address foundation problems permanently, eliminating these health risks and improving indoor air quality. Contact a qualified basement waterproofing contractor to help you locate, diagnose and solve your basement health problems. If you would like help finding a contractor in your area, call us at (800)-844-2713. We will be glad to help.