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Basement Re-Modeling Increase is a Win-Win for Basement Waterproofing Contractors

Despite a slowing economy and housing downturn, the basement remodeling market actually grew in 2007-2008, according to SBIReports.com. Some say it is because of the slow housing market. If they can’t sell, they remodel.Basement remodeling is projected to increase over the next five years with more families making their basements entertaining rooms, media rooms, [...]

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Crawl Space Energy Efficiency

Advanced Energy's closed crawl space research has sparked contractors across the country to close more crawl spaces.Breakthrough research in North Carolina, and pilot studies in Flagstaff, Arizona and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, have proven closed crawl spaces are more energy efficient than vented ones.But Cyrus Dastur, Advanced Energy’s building science associate working on the closed crawl [...]

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