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It's Never too Early to Plan Ahead: Taking Advantage of Interior Waterproofing Opportunities During Cold Weather Months


Emecole Metro's crawl space and foundation drainage product solutions were featured in the most recent version of Currents, the official publication of our parent company, Metropolitan Industries.

There’s a time and a place for everything, even when it comes to making repairs and improvements to a building or structure. Sure, the occasional emergency may dictate the time and place but, if you have a say in the matter, there are ideal times to get things done. For example, foundation and crawl space work benefits from keeping an eye on the seasons. 

While we still have a few weeks of summer to go, those within the water industry know it’s never too early to plan ahead, especially when the amount of work we encounter is likely to revolve around the weather. 

In the fall and early winter months, there is often less water near the foundation while the temperature and humidity in crawl spaces tends to drop. Decreased water makes it easier to install drainage and encapsulation or pre-finishing materials, while lower temperatures mean the work to be done is more bearable. With a variety of waterproofing and encapsulation jobs in demand, you can rest easy knowing you have a wide selection of premium product solutions available at your disposal via our sub-brand, Emecole Metro.

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Emecole Metro is Moving!

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Fix a Leak Week 2017

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Emecole at the 2017 World of Concrete Show

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Late Winter Storm in the Northeast puts Spring on Hold

I was asked the other day why the Emecole website still has the Winter Weather Advisory alert (which pertains to the shipping of chemicals) on our online store's shopping cart. While winter seems to have subsided for good here in the Midwest (we hope!), I was aware that our friends on the East Coast are [...]

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Concrete Crack Repair Dispensing Tools - 10% Off Special

Through February, all Emecole Dispensing Guns are available at 10% off the normal contractor price.Manual Dispensing Tools - For Low Pressure Injection Emecole’s manual tools dispense at low pressure and are generally used for poured foundation crack repairs and concrete floor and slab crack repairs. Emecole Jake 300 & 600 Manual Gun - Features, Advantages & Benefits: Made [...]

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Emecole at World of Concrete 2015

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Emecole Adds Santa Fe Dehumidifiers to Contractor Product Line

We are pleased to add Santa Fe Dehumidifiers to the Emecole product line. Santa Fe Dehumidifiers provide the ultimate protection against excess humidity and eventual mold growth, creating a more comfortable and healthy basement or crawl space environment. What separates the large capacity Santa Fe Dehumidifiers from others are their efficiency and overall reliability. Efficiency- The energy [...]

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