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Anabec x70 - Moisture Barrier for Basement and Crawl Space Surfaces

Anabec x70 Basement and Crawl Space Moisture Barrier

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The Anabec x70 is a moisture barrier designed for unfinished building surfaces, including basement and crawl space walls and floors. Its active ingredients fully penetrate treated surfaces to form a physical barrier that will resist moisture build-up. 

Use of the Anabec x70 and the Anabec Advanced Cleaning Solution in tandem is backed by Anabec’s 30 year warranty.

Anabec x70 - Additional Information

  • Formulated for use on raw building materials, including poured foundations, concrete block, wood and masonry surface.
  • Minimal prep work. Ready to use concentrate only requires two to three minutes of stirring (most common method is with a paint paddle attachment).
  • Applied via an airless sprayer or paint brush/roller. Not suitable for fogging.
  • Available in five gallon pails in clear or translucent white. Each gallon provides approximately 1,000 square foot of coverage.
  • Backed by Anabec’s 30 year warranty when Anabec X70 is used in tandem with Anabec Advanced Cleaning Solution.

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