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Emecole Metro Versa-Drain

 Interior Basement Waterproofing Draintile - Emecole Versa Drain

  • Versa-Drain collects the water from the basement's perimeter and effectively carries it to your sump pump 
  • Designed to sit on top of the footing, prevents clogging from soil & ground debris
  • 6 foot pieces and connectors make for easy transport and on-site assembly
  • Can be used with both poured foundation and block foundations
  • Less expensive than outside drainage systems
  • Baseboard extension directs water seepage to the drain
  • Concrete is poured flush to the baseboard extension for a neat, clean look
  • Baseboard back extension available as optional add-on

Versa-Drain is not available for online purchasing. For more information, please call our office at (800) 844-2713 or email us your question here.