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Carbon Fiber Corner Strap Kit - For Poured Foundations

Carbon Fiber Straps

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The Carbon Fiber Corner Strap Kit includes everything needed to repair cracked poured concrete foundation corners (use of the Emecole Jake 300 Gun is required - available separately).  These high tech straps (4" x 24") form a repair stronger than the surrounding concrete and are guaranteed for the life of the home.  Our kits should be used in conjunction with Emecole 120 Structural Polyurethane Foam to stop leaking cracks.  We also carry a block wall corner kit.

Carbon Fiber Strap Installation Video
Note: This video shows the installation of our standard Carbon Fiber Grid Straps - the installation procedure for installing Corner Straps does differ slightly. This Corner Strap Kit includes full written instructions specifically designated for Corner Straps.

Kit Components:

  • Corner StrapFour Carbon Fiber Corner Straps (4" x 24")
  • Two, 22oz. Dual Tube Sets of Emecole 4020 Carbon Fiber Epoxy - Use with Emecole "Jake" 300  Gun
  • Two Green Turbo Mixers and Locking Nuts
  • Two Pairs of Gloves
  • One Plastic Trowel/Putty Knife

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Pricing & Purchasing

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