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Mold Remediation & Moisture Control Products

The Emecole Mold Remediation System's line of products were designed for contractors already servicing wet and damp basements or crawl spaces. Featuring our EPA certified EMR Emecole Mold Remediator, the EMR product line consists of specially formulated materials that combats problems associated with existing mold and mildew, while also inhibiting its future growth. Each EMR product is ready to use and available in multiple sizes to accommodate small or large-scale mold contaminations. Learn More - Click to Expand

Emecole Mold Remediation SystemMold thrives in any environment with enough moisture, warmth and food. Basements and crawl spaces, known for being excessively wet or damp, are common areas in the home where mold growth is likely to occur. With the foundation especially being porous, it easily absorbs any outside moisture (no different than how a sponge absorbs water) and allowing that to infiltrate into the home. Typically, 50% of the air circulating through the home originates from the basement or crawl space. Contractors servicing wet and damp basements are sure to encounter mold contamination of all sizes.

With or without existing mold, long-term prevention is still a priority. Waterproofing the basement or crawl space is the number one component to minimizing excess mold-causing moisture. For added protection, go one step further by inhibiting its growth altogether. EMR Preventative Coating forms a smooth layer that will not allow mold or mildew to grow on its surface. It provides an added peace of mind towards maintaining a clean and healthy below-grade environment.

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Emecole Mold Remediation System Products

EMR Emecole Mold Remediator

Mold Killer


EMR Mold Surface Cleaner

Mold Cleaner

EMR Mold Preventative Coating

Mold Preventative


Additional Moisture Control Products by Emecole

EmeSealCrete - Deep Penetrating Concrete Sealer

EmeSealCrete - Deep Penetrating Concrete Sealer


Leaking Basement Wall Repair Kit

Foundation Crack Repair Kits

Pipe Penetration Repair Kit

Pipe Penetration Repair Kit

Pipe Penetration Repair Kit

Santa Fe Basement & Crawl Space Dehumidifiers


Preserve the application of Emecole Mold Remediation System products by keeping the basement and crawl space free of moisture and water. Our line of primary and battery backup sump pumps minimize the chance of a basement flood. Prevent further moisture infiltration by sealing the crawl space walls and floors with the EmeSeal Crawl Space System.