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Mold Remediation & Moisture Control Products

Mold thrives in any environment with enough moisture, warmth and food. Basements and crawl spaces, known for being excessively wet or damp, are common areas in the home where mold growth is likely to occur. With the foundation especially being porous, it easily absorbs any outside moisture (no different than how a sponge absorbs water), allowing it to infiltrate into the home. Typically, 50% of the air circulating through the home originates from the basement or crawl space. Learn more about mold growth and the negative impact it can have on health.

Mold removal is not as simple as wetting a rag with water and wiping the contaminated surface with bleach. Without the proper treatment, mold will eventually grow back. The first step in proper mold remediation requires that any active source of water or moisture be properly addressed. Second, the application of our EPA registered EmeSphere System kills and prevents future mold growth.

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EPA Approved Mold Cleaner & Killer

The combined use of EmeSphere Mold 100 and EmeSphere Disinfectant 40 provides the powerful one-two punch necessary to properly disinfect and kill mold. EmeSphere products are available in various sizes, for use on concrete surfaces or hard objects.

Learn More: The EmeSphere System

The EmeSphere System

Additional Moisture Control Products by Emecole

Prior to application of the EmeSphere System, any active source of water or moisture entering the basement or crawl space should first be properly addressed. The products below are additional applications by Emecole that may be used to stop moisture from penetrating through concrete. Both basements and crawl spaces may need a drain tile system to assist in controlling the moisture coming into the home.

Deep Penetrating Concrete Sealer

EmeSealCrete - Deep Penetrating Concrete Sealer


Leaking Basement Wall Repair Kit

Foundation Crack Repair Kits

Pipe Penetration Repair Kit

Pipe Penetration Repair Kit


Preserve the application of the EmeSphere System by keeping the basement and crawl space free of moisture and water. Our line of EmeSump Systems (primary and battery back-up systems) minimize the chance of a basement flood. Prevent further moisture infiltration by sealing the crawl space walls and floors with the EmeSeal Crawl Space System.