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Concrete Crack Repair Products for Floors & Slabs

Concrete Floor and Slab Crack Repair

Emecole manufactures a full line of concrete crack repair products to fix a wide variety of cracks on horizontal surfaces. This type of work is commonly referred to as “flatwork” and Emecole has long been the supplier of choice for some of the best flatwork contractors throughout the U.S. and Canada. Learn More - Click to Expand

We have solutions to stop everything from concrete slab movement to the infiltration of harmful soil gases like radon.  Our materials will also reduce the spread of mold causing moisture. When installed correctly, our flatwork crack repair products often exceed the structural integrity of the original concrete.  All of our concrete crack repair flatwork products are available in starter kits (contractors and general public) or in bulk quantities (contractors).

From basement floors to asphalt driveways and concrete parking garages, we have the right materials to make cracks a thing of the past!

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Concrete Crack Repair - Starter Kits

Whether you're a first-time do-it-yourselfer or a veteran contractor, our concrete crack repair kits include all the needed components to help simplify the repair process. The Concrete Crack Repair Kits are available in a variety of configurations to solve a number of problems and accommodate varying crack sizes. Coverage rate is an estimate projection based on typical repair conditions. Actual coverage may vary and is dependent on crack width, depth and the potential for enlarged voids further into the slab/floor.

Slab Crack Repair Kits
Slab Crack Repair Kit
For the repair of cracks in concrete floors and slabs.
10 ft. Kit
20 ft. Kit
40 to 100 ft. Kit
Slab Crack Repair Kits with UV Stabilization
Slab Crack Repair Kit
Suitable for crack repairs in areas where UV light is present.
10 ft. - Small Kit
25 ft Large Kit
Carbon Fiber
Stitching Dog Kit
Carbon Fiber Stitching Dogs Kit
Provides added reinforcement against concrete slab cracks.
Use in-conjunction with any Emecole Slab Crack Repair Kit.
Stitching Dogs Kit
Control Joint Filler Kit
Control Joint Filler Kit
Fill control joints in concrete floors and slabs.
Control Joint Repair Kit
Blacktop Crack Repair Kit
Blacktop Crack Repair Kit
Fills cracks in asphalt and blacktop surfaces.
Blacktop Crack Repair Kit


Facilities Flatwork Repair Kit
Facilities Flatwork Repair Kit
Repair concrete slabs, floors and blacktop surfaces.
Facilities Flatwork Repair Kit


Concrete Crack Repair - Contractor Consumables/Re-Fill Products

The products below are available for individual sale to Emecole Contractors. Visit our Contractor Information section for more information on becoming an Emecole Contractor.

Flatwork Repair - Dispensing Materials in Full Case Quantities

Our line of flatwork repair dispensing materials includes both urethane and polyureas.

Emecole 555 Concrete Crack Repair Polyurea - Cases of Six

Emecole 555 Concrete Crack Repair Hybrid Urethane


Emecole 85-90 Gray Concrete Crack Filler - Cases of Six

 Emecole 85-90 Gray - Concrete Crack Filler and Sealer


Emecole 85-90 Black Asphalt Crack Sealer - Cases of Six

Emecole 85-90 Black - Asphalt Crack Filler and Seal


Emecole 40 - Deck Repair Epoxy - Sold by the Case and Gallon

Emecole 40 Concrete Deck Repair Epoxies

Emecole 300 HM Thixo

Emecole 300
HM Thixo

Flatwork Repair - Accessories

Dual Cartridge Dispensing Gun - Concrete Crack Repair

Emecole Dispensing Gun


Stitching Dogs for Concrete Flatwork Repair

 Carbon Fiber Stitching Dogs


Mixers for Dispensing of Concrete Repair Material



White Euro Nut - For Dispensing Mixer to Cartridge

No. 9 White Euro Nut

Mixer Needle Tips for Dispensing E555

Mixer Needle Tips

Filler Sand

Filler Sand
(4 lbs.)


Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback

Gerry from PA...
"We used your 85/90 Joint Expansion Material and the product flowed beautifully, sealed the crack perfectly, and our guys loved it. We were able to easily finish the job on time. You are our go to guys for anything you carry that we need. We were impressed with how helpful and knowledgeable your technical service people were and that the product was delivered exactly when you said it would be. We will definitely put Emecole on our A supplier list."