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Emecole Do-It-Yourself Crack Repair Kits



Foundation Crack Repair KitEmecole Foundation Crack Repair Kits are a top choice by pros and do it your selfers for permanent basement crack repairs.  Basement cracks don't just leak water, they can also be a danger to the health of your home.  The moisture allowed in by basement cracks can lead to the spread of unhealthy black mold which causes respiratory and asthma complications.  Basement cracks also leak hazardous soil gases like radon.  According to the EPA, radon is the number one cause of lung cancer in non-smoking Americans.  By properly repairing basement cracks and sealing your basement you can improve the overall health of your home.

Emecole Foundation Crack Repair Kits are easy to use.  Unlike other foundation repair methods, there is no need for outside excavation or concrete drilling.  All repair work is done from inside the foundation using Low Pressure Crack Injection.  If you’ve never repaired basement cracks before there is no need worry.  The Low Pressure Crack Injection Method is simple and our kits come with all the tools necessary to permanently repair basement cracks including step by step written instructions and an easy to follow video.

Emecole Foundation Crack Repair Kits come with either Premium Polyurethane Foam or Premium Epoxy.  Our materials were specifically engineered for the basement crack repair industry to provide the best crack repair possible and to be used with the Low Pressure Crack Injection Method.  With Master's Degrees in Polymer Engineering and Organic Chemistry, Louis Cole, the founder of Emecole formulated each of our materials to meet his high standards for basement crack repair.  Today, the Low Pressure Crack Injection Method is is the preferred method of basement crack repair by many of the country's largest, most reputable crack repair contractors.

In deciding which Foundation Crack Repair Kit to purchase:

  • Determine the total length of the crack(s) needing repair and select the appropriate sized kit - 10', 30' or 60'.
  • Determine whether you are using epoxy or polyurethane foam. Use our polyurethane foam kits for typical, leaky, non-structural cracks.  Use epoxy kits for structural foundation cracks.  Structural cracks can be identified by being horizontal or larger than a quarter of an inch in width. The majority of basement wall cracks are non-structural.

Learn more about: Choosing Between Epoxy and Polyurethane Foam

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