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Fix a Leak Week 2017


Fix Household Water Leeks

As a manufacturer and supplier of waterproofing products, we can’t help but feel somewhat sensitive when it comes to water leaks. While our premise at Emecole involves preventing the entry of water into basements and crawl spaces, we are also concerned about water leaks of another kind – common household leaks and its impact on our environment.

While a dripping faucet, showerhead or a leaky toilet might not seem like a significant issue, when considering the average amount of wasted water nationwide, the problem is truly significant. According to the EPA, such common household leaks result in the waste of over one trillion gallons of water annually.

Recognizing the significance of this problem, the EPA is sponsoring its ninth annual Fix a Leak Week , March 20-26, 2017. This campaign encourages homeowners to be proactive by checking their household plumbing fixtures and irrigation systems for leaks. The EPA’s involvement includes the creation of articles that are distributed through various media channels, in addition to the organizing of community events throughout the country. Through this campaign, the primary hope is to minimize the amount of water waste that can easily be avoided for the betterment of our environment.

Please visit the EPA website to learn more on how to check for household leaks or to further participate in any community Fix a Leak Week events.

Do you have any stories to share about leaks in your home and how you fixed them? Tell us via Facebook or LinkedIn.

Emecole at the 2017 World of Concrete Show

In January, we had the pleasure of meeting with our customers and colleagues at the World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas. It was Emecole’s first significant sales outing since being acquired by Metropolitan Industries, Inc. in September of 2016. Joining Emecole’s sales team at our World of Concrete booth was John Kochan Jr., president of [...]

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Late Winter Storm in the Northeast puts Spring on Hold

I was asked the other day why the Emecole website still has the Winter Weather Advisory alert (which pertains to the shipping of chemicals) on our online store's shopping cart. While winter seems to have subsided for good here in the Midwest (we hope!), I was aware that our friends on the East Coast are [...]

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High Pressure Injection Concrete Crack Repair Products - 10% Off Special

Through March, all Emecole High Pressure Injection Polyurethane Foams and select accessories are on special at 10% off normal contractor price.Emecole’s variety of High Pressure Polyurethanes, available in one gallon containers or five gallon pails, accommodate various job requirements and contractor preferences.Emecole 95 Premium Polyurethane Foam: A single component that expands up to 25 times its initial volume. This highly expandable foam [...]

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Concrete Crack Repair Dispensing Tools - 10% Off Special

Through February, all Emecole Dispensing Guns are available at 10% off the normal contractor price.Manual Dispensing Tools - For Low Pressure Injection Emecole’s manual tools dispense at low pressure and are generally used for poured foundation crack repairs and concrete floor and slab crack repairs. Emecole Jake 300 & 600 Manual Gun - Features, Advantages & Benefits: Made [...]

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Emecole at World of Concrete 2015

Tuesday, Feb. 3rd from 6-8 p.m.Bally's Las Vegas - Suite 1762AWe are looking forward to another year at the World of Concrete. We will be out and about at the World of Concrete show and look forward to meeting new faces while also reconnecting with familiar faces. For those interested in learning more about crawl space [...]

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Emecole Adds Santa Fe Dehumidifiers to Contractor Product Line

We are pleased to add Santa Fe Dehumidifiers to the Emecole product line. Santa Fe Dehumidifiers provide the ultimate protection against excess humidity and eventual mold growth, creating a more comfortable and healthy basement or crawl space environment. What separates the large capacity Santa Fe Dehumidifiers from others are their efficiency and overall reliability. Efficiency- The energy [...]

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Whole Home Health Includes Radon Awareness

In the spirit of promoting a healthy in-home environment, the Environmental Protection Agency has designated January as National Radon Action Month. The EPA is hoping to promote the idea that homeowners should protect their family by having their home tested for radon.The American Lung Association defines radon as a colorless, tasteless and odorless gas that can cause lung [...]

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Becoming an Emecole Contractor

There are several advantages to being an Emecole Contractor. Best of all, becoming one couldn’t be easier. Simply visit our Contractor Information page and fill out the quick registration form; once your business has been verified (usually within one business day), you’re in! With Emecole’s high visibility on search engine result listings, our website is visited by homeowners throughout the [...]

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New Threaded Bang-In Surface Ports for High Pressure Injection

Per the request of some of our contractors, we have modified our Bang-In Surface Port for high pressure concrete crack injection. Emecole's new Bang-In-Ports are now threaded, making them better suited for zerk fittings. The zerk fitting works with standard grease cun couplers, just like metal packers would. The Bang-In Surface Port is more economical than [...]

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