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Basement Waterproofing Products

Basement Waterproofing Products



Emecole offers a full line of premium products to seal and waterproof basements from moisture and harmful gases like radon.  Your home has a delicate ecosystem and introducing dangerous soil gases can have very unhealthy consequences.  Radon, a very common soil gas, is the number one cause of lung cancer in non-smoking Americans.  Moisture, which leads to molds, can be another hazard to the health of your home and its occupants. Emecole Basement Waterproofing Products can help create a healthy home ecosystem.

 *Homeowners may purchase select Emecole D-I-Y products or   find an Emecole Contractor for professional installation. 

For contractor pricing and purchasing, please log into your Emecole.com Contractor Account - or visit our Contractor Information section to request a username and password.

Foundation Crack Repair Kits

Foundation Crack Repair Kits
Available in both polyurethane and epoxy repair kits (for both contractors and do-it-yourself homeowners). It's recommended to use polyurethane kits for typical, leaky cracks in basement walls and to use epoxy kits for structural cracks in basement walls. The Emecole Foundation Crack Repair Kits are easy to use and come with all the materials necessary to seal basement cracks from water and soil gases.

Pipe Penetration Repair Kits for Contractors and DIY

Pipe Penetration Kits
Create a seal or gasket around sewer, water and gas pipes. These pipe penetrations are a common point of entry for water and soil gases and they are a potential health hazard. By sealing basement pipe penetrations you can protect basements from water damage and improve the overall air quality.

Deep Penetrating Concrete Sealer

EmeSealCrete - Deep Sealing Concrete Sealer
A spray-on basement moisture and vapor barrier that chemically reacts with concrete and seals out dangerous soil gasses, like radon, and mold causing moisture. This moisture and vapor barrier is very easy to apply on unfinished basement walls. Simply mix EmeSealCrete with hot water and apply using a garden sprayer. Applying EmeSealCrete is a "must do" for any basement.

E555 Crack Repair Kit-Permanent Floor Crack Repairs

Concrete Crack Repair Starter Kits - Floors & Slabs
Seals cracks in basement floors. It stops both water and soil gas infiltration. As a top choice for Pro's and Do It Yourselfers alike, Emecole 555 is a permanent basement floor crack repair solution because it forms a repair that is stronger than the surrounding concrete.

Battery Backup Sump Pump Systems

Basement Flood Protection - Sump Pumps & Battery Backup Systems

A sump pump is the first line of defense against a flooded basement and we have the primary, backup systems and accessories to keep your home dry.

RadonShield - Basement Cove Joint Sealer

Emecole RadonShield Sealant
Seals cove joints in basements. The cove joint is the point in which the basement slab or floor meets the wall. This joint is rarely air tight and a common entry point for radon and other soil gases. By sealing this joint in the basement, radon levels in a home can be significantly decreased. RadonShield is easy to apply with a standard caulk gun and can be applied to basement cove joints that are wet or dry.

EmeKote 100 - Basement Wall Coating

EmeKote 100 Basement Wall Coating
EmeKote 100 is a cement based coating that protects and beautifies unsightly basement walls. EmeKote 100 can turn drab, stained basement walls into a clean finished look. EmeKote 100 will create an added layer of protection against moisture and vapor as well as create a brighter space. EmeKote 100 can be applied to basement walls using a brush, roller or sprayer and will leave basement walls a very light gray color.

Santa Fe Basement Dehumidifier

Santa Fe Classic Basement Dehumidifiers
Provides an added layer of protection against basement moisture. The Santa Fe Classic captures the smallest of particles (including mold spores) while operating at peak efficiency.

Hydro-Channel Plus - Foundation Drainage System

Hydro-Channel Basement Drainage System
An interior basement drainage system designed to direct water seepage from the cove joint to the french drain. Can be used in new construction or retrofitted for existing foundations.

Versa-Drain Tile

Emecole Versa-Drain
Emecole's interior drain tile system is designed to sit on top of the footing, collecting water from the basement perimeter and directing it to the sump pump. More cost effective than outside drainage systems, may be used with either concrete block or poured foundations.

Emecole Baseboard

Emecole Baseboard
Emecole Baseboard provides the ultimate waterproofing solution for above floor applications -- no jackhammering necessary. It is simple to install and offers homeowners a relatively clean installation. Emecole Baseboard's flange locks securely into the floor groove. Works on stone, poured or block walls.